History of NHLALC

We were incorporated in 1983 under the New South Wales Aboriginal Land Rights Act 1983. Our vision is to create a viable and sustainable economic future in partnership with our community.

Over the past 23 years the NHLALC has gone through a series of phases, from its initial creation and its strong endeavours to claim vacant crown land that consisted of places of significance, to land that in the long term, will secure a sustainable and prosperous future. It has overcome the rigors of unskilled and untrained staff and executives and the problems associated with operating under those circumstances. It has also faced the reality of operating a small business and the difficulties involved in attempting to utilise the assets of the Land Council to create sustainable and long term employment and economic benefits for its members.

Today the NHLALC employs a dedicated team, supported by a new group of executives who have all undergone Governance Training. It has created a Community Land and Business Plan from which the growth of the Land Council can be measured.

Property Management

The Nambucca Heads LALC manages 31 residential properties.

To qualify for accommodation with the LALC you must:

  1. Be an Aboriginal person
  2. Complete the Housing Application Form (this can be a link to the form)
  3. Attach any supporting documentation

Copy of the Housing Policy See attached:

NHLALC Housing Policy (MS Office docx format)
NHLALC Housing Policy (PDF format)

Housing Application Form (MS Word doc format)
Housing Application Form (PDF format)

Our Mission Statement

To develop and implement strategies that provides highest quality services and opportunities to the NHLALC community;

  • The establishment of sustainable business opportunities
  • The continued development and effectiveness of its community facilities and the services provided by NHLALC
  • More effective use of its resources
  • Develop the skills base of its members
  • Support active participation of its members
  • Develop a better awareness of the issues affecting the indigenous community and the NHLALC
  • Develop programs and projects that promote fairness and equality
  • Create a positive outlook for its members
  • Encourage a self belief in NHLALC member’s ability to change the future through effective leadership
  • Improve accountability and responsibility of the performance of the Land Council